lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

My schedule

Mondays I get up very early to attend classes URBE methodology, then arrived at 11am to my house to rest a while and then study, by custom on most days sleeping in the afternoons when I have something to do. At night almost every day I'm with my boyfriend sharing.
Tuesday I got up a little late for URBE, arrived at 10am to my house and sleep for a while, then I see the novel and I'm resting.
On Wednesdays I go to English class, then get home to do lunch and I get to clean my room, I sleep at night and I'm with my friends
On Thursday I get up very early to do math and psychology then, I leave the city and go for a while my friends house. I come home to rest and watch TV. At night I play with my sister and niece wii
On Friday, the awaited day free URBE I have it and I can sleep all morning, I have to practice with my boyfriend to spend the whole afternoon and night together
On Saturday, a day to party, sleep late and it leaves your hair and nails for a night out
Sundays are more relaxed, share with family and study for next week

domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011

                       Conversations in classroom

Hello there! Here's the newspaper, Juliet and Carla
Fantastic! What's movie are playing?

Grumar says ; Well It's playing sheck in 3D at 5 o'oclock pm
Carla says ; Uhmm Sorry but I saw that movie last week

Grumar says ; Ah okay, And How about you Juliet?

Juliet says ; So I don't really want to see that movie I think is boring

Grumar says ; Hmm we're going to see fast and furious 5

Tonight at 8 : 00 o'oclock Are you agree with me?

Juliet says ; that sound great! Carla says ; Let's see at 8:00 see you there
 Celebration of the Chinita

La Feria de La Chinita is the name of a festival of religious origin which takes place every year for three days, from 17 to 19 November in the Venezuelan city of Maracaibo and spreads to other parts of Zulia State. In this celebration commemorates the miracle of the Virgin of Chiquinquirá, which is the patron saint of Zulia state, whose celebration is observed by the Holy Catholic Church every November 18

sábado, 5 de febrero de 2011

World Celebration: Earth Day

Earth Day is a holiday celebrated in many countries. Its sponsor, U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson, established this day to create a common awareness of the problems of pollution, conservation of biodiversity and other environmental concerns to protect the Earth. The first celebration took place on April 22, 1970. Was initiated by Senator Nelson Gaylod activist popular setting for the creation of an environmental agenda

For this call involved two thousand universities, ten thousand primary and secondary schools and hundreds of communities. Peer pressure had its achievements and the United States government created the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and a series of laws aimed at protecting the environment. In 1972 he held the first international conference on the environment: the Stockholm Conference, whose aim was to raise awareness among world leaders about the magnitude of environmental problems and to institute policies to eradicate them.

The United Nations celebrates Earth Day each year on the vernal equinox (around March 21). On February 26, 1971, the Secretary General U Thant signed a proclamation to that effect. At the time of the equinox sounds Peace Bell at UN HEADQUARTERS in New York - The Earth Day is a holiday that belongs to the people and is not regulated by a single entity or body, nor is related to claims political, national, religious, ideological or racial. - Earth Day aimed at raising awareness of Earth's natural resources and their management, environmental education, and participation as environmentally conscious and responsible citizens.


I love this song because it has a very beautiful letter and is an unbreakable love

In this blog I`m going to post my school work. I`m in the second level of the English program at URBE
Hello! My name is Juliet, I have 19 years, was born in Maracaibo. City study in industrial relations and go for the 3rd quarter
I am very sentimental and I like to help those around me. I consider myself a very good friend and I have very valuable friends, I am happy for who I am and what God gave me.
My favorite color is purple and die for McDonald's food. I like to sleep a lot, music and dance, in fact I have no favorite singers but I love romantic music
My goals are to graduate and get a good job, get married and raise a beautiful family. I would like to know many places in the world and meet many of my dreams
I do not like hypocritical people, wake me when I'm sleeping, I do not like seafood (Marisqueria)